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MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

Volunteering for HIV/AIDS Support and Prevention Education With MAAS

Volunteerism is truly the cornerstone of any civilized society - caring for the sick and poor and donating one's time to this end are the quintessential signs that a society is well-off enough to care for its own, and enlightened enough to know that people are more important than things.

Midland-Odessa Area AIDS Support (MAAS) invites you to experience the rewards of volunteering your time and resources towards a most worthy cause - the comforting of those who seem to have lost hope, and the assistance to those who have made the bringing of more abundant life to those in need their life's calling.

Here are just a few statements from area individuals who have taken a stand with MAAS to combat misplaced social fears and save "Lives", overcoming fear with compassion, and sparing no effort or resource in bringing relief to those who have given up on life, and education to those who are at high risk of troubled lives indeed:

"I have volunteered with MAAS for the past 9 years.  I met Judy right after she had started MAAS in the early 90s, so was acquainted with her program for a long time before I became directly involved with it.

Since 2000 I have been on the Board of Directors and have participated in workshops that MAAS conducted for clients and other interested parties.  That participation has been very meaningful for me.  MAAS has programs unlike any other HIV/AIDS organization I know of and provides unique services not available elsewhere.  MAAS' outreach to school age children is a great prevention effort and reaches hundreds of students every year with a message they won't get anywhere else.

MAAS' works with people with HIV/AIDS fills in many gaps in the continuum of care and helps ensure help for a lot of people who would otherwise fall through cracks in the system.  With efforts in counseling, prevention, and practical assistance, MAAS is the most well rounded and complete organization I've found in more than 20 years of working and volunteering in this field.  It's a continuing honor and inspiration to be involved with MAAS, and I hope my efforts are helping make a difference by helping MAAS continue to be able to work and grow."

– Dr. Mark Cox

"Serving on the MAAS Board has offered great blessings in my life. Our monthly meetings assimilate a group of friends with vastly diverse backgrounds.  We share, in common, compassion for those in our community living with AIDS. Our common goal is to love and support one another and the local HIV/AIDS community as they journey on, learning to live and celebrate life, sometimes for the first time ever!"

-- Kimberly Meyers

If you would like to help those in need, or even help Midland and Odessa to help their own and become a greater society of compassionate humanitarians, we would love to hear from you. MAAS has many areas where you could help, and many opportunities for you to experience your own growth by serving others. Call us today!