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What is HIV?
What are symptoms of HIV?
What causes AIDS?
What are symptoms of AIDS?
Where did AIDS come

How many people die from AIDS each year?
How do I get tested for HIV/AIDS?
How is AIDS transmitted?

MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

Client Support
MAAS Support and Benevolence Services for
people living with HIV/AIDS and their families

Emergency Rental Assistance
We assist our clients on an emergency basis with rent – we cannot assist with rent on a monthly basis.

Assistance with Rental Deposits
We assist our clients with rental deposits to help them establish a residence.

Emergency Assistance with Utilities
We assist our clients on an emergency basis with utility bills – we cannot assist with utilities on a monthly basis.

Assistance with Utility Deposits
We assist our clients with utility deposits to help our clients establish a residence.

Food Cards
We assist our clients with food cards to help with food, gas and other basic necessities that are needed – we cannot assist with food cards on a monthly basis.

Weekly Support Groups
We offer weekly group support meetings for our clients and their families to offer support to someone living with HIV/AIDS.  We also have a client social once a month to help our clients get out and just have fun at least one night a month.

One-On-One Counseling
One-on-one counseling is offered to our clients as well as family members to help them deal with the struggles of living with HIV/AIDS.

Emergency Transportation Assistance
We offer emergency transportation to our clients to help them get to doctors, the grocery store and to pick up medications – we cannot offer this service on a daily basis.

Yearly Client Dinners and Parties
We have a yearly Thanksgiving dinner and a much loved Christmas party with food and gifts for our clients.  For many, this is the only Thanksgiving and Christmas they have.

Liaison Between Client and Doctors
We help our clients in communication with their doctors.

Assistance in Seeking Other Services for our Cients
When our clients are in need of assistance we may not be able to help with, we assist in seeking other services for our clients.

All services are free of charge to our clients and their members (guidelines for these services are available upon request).



Special Features

Letters From Clients:
A first-hand look at living with AIDS and how MAAS helps

A Woman in the Wilderness:
MAAS Founder and Executive Director Judy Warren

The Story of MAAS which sparked massive change in
West Texas AIDS awareness

Letters From Students:
Responding to MAAS' High School HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program