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Serving Texas and the Permian Basin since 1991


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What is HIV?
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What causes AIDS?
What are symptoms of AIDS?
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How many people die from AIDS each year?
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MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

MAAS Mission Statement

MAAS ministers, through education and compassionate care,
to all persons living with or at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Program Purpose, Objectives and Scope:

The MAAS program benefits people living with HIV/AIDS by providing assistance with basic and emergency needs including groceries, rent, utilities and/or medication. The program also provides HIV/AIDS patients, as well as their families and friends, emotional support by hosting the only HIV/AIDS support group in the Midland/Odessa area. Since inception, the program has assisted hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients.

Target Population:

MAAS has served the underserved HIV AIDS community in the Permian Basin since 1991
The MAAS program is vital to the Midland and Odessa communities. We primarily assist the underserved HIV/AIDS community in the Permian Basin (Texas) and surrounding communities. We will, however, help anyone
by HIV/AIDS regardless of their location.

How MAAS Meets Community Needs in a Way
Not Previously Delivered to the Target Population:

Our organization is the only non-profit in the community that offers support
and benevolent assistance specifically to HIV/AIDS patients. Other community organizations in our area provide different services, primarily those funded by
Ryan White allocations and other federal grants. We have a referral system in place and there are no overlapping services.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of prominent community residents that
actively promote our services. Additionally, the doctors in the area that treat HIV/AIDS
patients know our organization well and continuously refer new clients to us for assistance.

Expected Impact/Program Results:

Many of our clients live on limited funds each month. Eighty percent of our clients have been living with the disease for decades. For the most part, their health is fragile and they are unable to work. Without our help, some of them may end up without home or shelter. The weekly support group meetings, after so many years, remains strong and continues to grow. In addition to the weekly support group meetings, we also offer a monthly social, an annual Thanksgiving dinner, an annual World AIDS Day worship service, and a Christmas party with many gifts for all of our clients.

The impact this program has on our clients is immeasurable, not only emotionally, but financially. As a result of this program, our clients have a sense of family and support that many do not have at all when they first come to us.