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What is HIV?
What are symptoms of HIV?
What causes AIDS?
What are symptoms of AIDS?
Where did AIDS come

How many people die from AIDS each year?
How do I get tested for HIV/AIDS?
How is AIDS transmitted?

Contact MAAS

Midland/Odessa Area AIDS Support, Inc. (MAAS)
800 W. Texas Avenue
Midland, TX 79701
432-218-2002 - office
432-897-4265 - fax

email: maas@ribbonsoflight.org

Founder & Advisor
Judy Warren

Please direct any Administrative, PR, Client, Referral or Development inquiries to:
Executive Director
Lonna Edwards

Please direct any Education, Special Event or Program
inquiries to:
Education Director
Heather McKenzie

Book a MAAS speaking engagement
Join the front lines in the fight against HIV/AIDS and share this West Texas cultural phenomenon with your audience.

Judy Warren has shared the powerful story and messages of MAAS with large and diverse audiences throughout several states. Consider one of the most compelling and interactive AIDS awareness and prevention messages available -- for your school, your church, your business, your association, your conference, clinic, board meeting, etc. This is timely and powerful information suitable for, and relevant to, all audiences.

Contact Judy Warren by email or call the phone number listed above for details and scheduling.



Special Features

Letters From Clients:
A first-hand look at living with AIDS and how MAAS helps

A Woman in the Wilderness:
MAAS Founder and Executive Director Judy Warren

The Story of MAAS which sparked massive change in
West Texas AIDS awareness

Letters From Students:
Responding to MAAS' High School HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program


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