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What is HIV?
What are symptoms of HIV?
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What are symptoms of AIDS?
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How many people die from AIDS each year?
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MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

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Midland/Odessa Area Students
Speak Out

MAAS founder and Executive Director Judy Warren can often be seen walking the halls of area high schools as she delivers a powerful abstinence-"based" message on how to avoid HIV/AIDS, proper condom usage, common misconceptions, and the potentially deadly ravages of this and many other STDs common among youth today.

Many students have been encouraged and inspired to adopt life-saving behavioral changes that have a direct impact on West Texas AIDS statistics. Occassionally these students write letters to MAAS explaining how this important information, and unique delivery, have changed their lives.

For more information on how to get MAAS into your school, contact us today.

Read this amazing letter from a teacher describing the impact of
MAAS' AIDS Education & Prevention Program

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Student #1
Dear Judy –
I learned a lot from your presentation. I know how terrible HIV can be now. I made a promise to myself and to my mom not to have sex until I’m married. I never realized how badly sex can affect you with the wrong person. I’m sorry you lost your brother to AIDS and I hope you keep going with this program. I want you to know that I appreciate your presentation. Hopefully I’ll never be a client. In fact, I know I won’t. I thank you again.

Student #2
I would like to thank you for coming to our school and telling us everything we need to know. I learned a lot from you. You really got me thinking and I even got scared. I never really knew much about diseases – at first I didn’t think it would ever happen – but I feel like you saved my life because I didn’t know anything about my boyfriend. I didn’t know where he’s been, and when you started talking I tried to talk to him. But he didn’t want to talk about it or get tested. So I left him and I would also like to thank you because if I didn’t things might not have gone so well.

Student #3
Dear Mrs. Judy Warren –
Thank you for coming to MHS to share this knowledge and your time with us. It really opened my eyes to see how harmful these things can be. After learning about the symptoms or the sickness these diseases can cause, I realized how much the people around me mean to me. With the help of your associates I finally got the courage to ask my sister to go get tested and she very willingly agreed. I have agreed to go with her for support, even though I have never done anything that would expose me to these STDs. I am getting blood work done to make her feel better about going. Thank you for opening my eyes. I would like to know if you do other counseling than just with STDs. Let me know please. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Student #4
Dear Judy Warren –
Thank you for coming to our school and talking to us students. I have seen you before and every time I learn something new. What I learned this time was that you can actually get some diseases from French-kissing. I thought that was harmless but I guess not! I love you so much for coming and talking. I’m still a virgin and every time I listen to you I find more reasons to save myself. I am pretty sure everybody learns something new every time.

Read this amazing letter from a teacher describing the impact of
MAAS' AIDS Education & Prevention Program

More letters from teachers