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MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

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About Judy Warren

Judy Warren is the Founder and President of Midland/Odessa Area AIDS Support, Inc (MAAS).  MAAS delivers two important programs; SUPPORT and EDUCATION.  MAAS provides support to individuals and families whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS in the Midland/Odessa region.  The purpose of MAAS also includes providing a comprehensive HIV/STD prevention education program. In 2011 MAAS is celebrating 20 years of service to the community.

Judy Warren, Executive Director of Midland Area AIDS SupportJudy’s development and accomplishments in the fight against HIV and in her service to the HIV/AIDS community include being presented the 2004 Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service and also being named as one of Midland’s “Unsung Heroes.”  Judy’s qualifications include:

State certified to counsel HIV/AIDS clients and do AIDS prevention education and testing

Stephen Ministry Leader. Teaches the Stephen Ministry Program at First Presbyterian Church in Midland, Texas (Stephen Ministry Program teaches lay people for six months to be able to work with others in times of crisis, grieving or many other situations)

Ordained Minister – World Bibleway Fellowship

Business Degree – Durham’s Business College, Austin, Texas

Executive Director of a nonprofit association for retarded citizens in Lynchburg,Virgina (LAARC)

Opened and assisted in the management of Four Seasons Nursing Center in Austin, TX

Opened and managed a preschool and an accredited kindergarten in Houston, Texas (Playcare Centers of America, Inc)

Owner of an Interior Design business (J. Warren Interiors)

In Her Own Words
In 1987, I learned that my baby brother, who was also like my son, had AIDS.  I was devastated.  In a split second, my life changed, never to be the same again.  Until he lost his life because of AIDS, I took care of my brother.  He was the first AIDS patient to enter ICU at our local hospital in Midland, Texas.  They were not prepared for him at all.  No one wanted to touch him while he lay there dying.  I watched him lose his brilliant mind and go completely blind, among many other unspeakable side affects due to having HIV/AIDS.

During that time, you could turn your T.V. on and hear about people with AIDS and their families being literally run out of town and for some, their houses were even burned down.  That, plus moving to conservative Midland from Houston, added to our fear and isolation greatly.  We lived a complete double life.  I was becoming very active in our community, but no one knew I was taking care of my brother with AIDS in our home.  In 1988, I found out that I had thyroid cancer myself and had to have my thyroid removed and our Mother developed a slow growing cancer that took her from us shortly after my brother died.  She never got over any of it. I have lost a lot because of AIDS and today I am giving my life to properly educating our young people so they will not have to go down the same path as my brother did and millions more just like him.

Twenty one years now after my young brother died from HIV/AIDS I am still working with people with HIV/AIDS through my organization, Midland/Odessa Area AIDS Support, Inc. (MAAS).  I started MAAS six months after my brother died in October of 1990.  For the past 21 years, I have also helped and worked with thousands of young people, as well as their families, so they will not have to go down the path my brother and my family did. I may never be able to stop. 

Today is a completely different world for your young people than we have ever had before and the majority of them are simply not educated enough to be protected from the dangers that can alter their lives forever.  I also believe it is up to adults today to be properly educated themselves so we can all protect our young people and their futures.  Not only is there no cure for HIV/AIDS but today we also have many other STDs that can alter a young person’s life and even be life threatening.  Proper prevention education is more vital today for all people than ever before.