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What is HIV?
What are symptoms of HIV?
What causes AIDS?
What are symptoms of AIDS?
Where did AIDS come

How many people die from AIDS each year?
How do I get tested for HIV/AIDS?
How is AIDS transmitted?

MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

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MAAS Information Center

The following are HIV/AIDS articles, resources and informa-
tion compiled by MAAS as a resource for the public to help promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention education within West Texas communities and to provide encouragement and direction for individuals and families with AIDS.

What is HIV/AIDS?
A primer on AIDS and HIV.
MAAS Educational Primer

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You can get HIV from sexual intercourse.
Understand what HIV is, what it can do, and how to avoid it.

MAAS Educational Primer
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CDC and NIH AIDS Statistics
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute
of Health (NIH) regularly publish statistics on the spread and
effect of HIV/AIDS nationally and worldwide.

CDC Statistics...
NIH Statistics...

STD Fact Sheets
Get all the facts about today's prolific STDs (sexually transmitted diseases),
such as AIDS, HPV, Gonhorrhea, Syphyllis and more. What are the common denominators, and how do they differ?

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Communicating With Youth
on the Subject of AIDS

Can you get through? Learn how best to approach the subject,
and how to answer any questions your children may ask about AIDS.

MAAS Educational Primer
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AIDS Is Not a Punishment: Overcoming Guilt & Shame

If you sometimes feel that HIV has stolen the meaning and purpose
of your life, you are not alone. Having HIV has forced many people
to examine themselves and life in general.

From The Body.com/Positivewords
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Eight Crucial Characteristics of
Long-Term HIV/AIDS Survivors

Based on a 1987 research study conducted by Dr. George Solomon and
Dr. Lydia Temoshok showing what sets long-term survivors apart...

From The Body.com/Blog Central: Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
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How to Spot Fraudulent HIV/AIDS Treatments
Learn what HIV/AIDS fraud is and how to stop it - common warning signs,
best practices for avoidance, contact information and more.

From AIDS InfoNet
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Effectively Navigating the Healthcare System:
You and Your Medical Team at Work

Tips on how to work most effectively with your team of healthcare providers.
In Positively Aware, from Test Positive Aware Network
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Where Do I Go Now?

A list of resources and links helpful to people living with HIV/AIDS,
field workers, students, educators, HIV/AIDS families and the
• HIV/AIDS Support Agencies & Administrations
• HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Treatment & Community Portals
• HIV/AIDS White Papers

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HIV/AIDS In The News:

Indiana Governor Declares Public Health Emergency Due to HIV Epidemic
CNN U.S. News, 03/27/2015

CDC Issues Ocular Syphilis Clinical Advisory
Outbreak News Today, 04/03/2015

Study Gives Hope of Altering Genes to Repel H.I.V.
New York Times, 03/05/2014

Researchers Examine How ACA Could Affect Americans Living With HIV/AIDS

News Medical.net, 03/04/2014

Studies Show Big Promise For HIV Prevention Drug
Boston.com, 03/04/2014

HIV Cure: Vaccine or AIDS Cure Getting Close, as Experts Find Antibodies Capable of Fighting Infection
International Business Times, 03/04/2014

• More than 1.1 million Americans have HIV, and almost 1 in 6 (15.8%) of those are unaware they are infected. Overall, an estimated 1,155,792 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with AIDS.

• An estimated 56,300 Americans are infected each year, which averages to one new infection every 9 minutes.

• In 2011, an estimated 49,273 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with HIV infection. In that same year, an estimated 32,052 people were diagnosed with AIDS.

• More than 14,000 people with AIDS die every year. In 2010, an estimated 15,529 people with an AIDS diagnosis died.

• Among racial groups, African Americans face the most severe burden: they account for 46% of all people with HIV.

Source: CDC, November 2013:
click here for source file


Special Features

Letters From Clients:
A first-hand look at living with AIDS and how MAAS helps

A Woman in the Wilderness:
MAAS Founder and Executive Director Judy Warren

The Story of MAAS which sparked massive change in
West Texas AIDS awareness

Letters From Students:
Responding to MAAS' High School HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program